About Us
Basic Requirements
  1. Enrolled full-time at Georgia Tech or one of our 11 cross-town schools
  2. Pursuing a bachelor's degree and have at least 3 years remaining of undergraduate studies
  3. At least a 2.0 college cumulative GPA (does not apply to incoming freshman from high school)
  4. Age 18-39 at the time of graduation or age 18-29 for pilots (some restrictions apply)
  5. Must be within Air Force Accessions BMI / Body Fat standards upon program entry
  6. Hold US citizenship before contracting / commissioning as an Officer
  7. **This list is not all-inclusive; other entrance standards may apply
For more information, read over the ROTC Overview and our FAQs
I'm ready to join in the Fall 2019 semester
To enroll for the upcoming semester, download the NSE package below and follow the instructions.
The Fall 2019 Packet
I want to join in the Spring 2020 semester or later
To enroll for a future semester, fill out the following interest form and we'll contact you with more details including how and when to apply.
Future Cadet Interest Form
Crosstown Registration
If you plan to be a Det 165 crosstown student, then you must do two things:
1. Cross-register for AFROTC at Georgia Tech
To do this, visit the ARCHE program website and click on your school. Pay close attention to all procedures and deadlines. Cross-Registration paperwork must be submitted directly to your home institution, not Georgia Tech. Late paperwork will not be accepted!
2. Fill out required immunizations for Georgia Tech
To do this, visit Georgia Tech's Immunization Requirements page . Pay close attention to all procedures and deadlines. Medical Entrance and Immunization forms must be submitted directly to the Georgia Tech Health Center, not your home institution. If the proper medical forms are not filed in a timely manner, you will not be allowed to cross-register which could impact your eligibility to participate in AFROTC.
Important Dates & Deadlines
Cross Registration
NSE Package Due

AFROTC Day 1 -
For further questions, please contact our Detachment recruiter at recruiting@afrotc.gatech.edu